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Tulip Burgundy Lace

Tulip Burgundy Lace

( Burgandy Lace )

Burgundy Lace

Magnificent Spring flowering bulb  has deep carmine red fringed bloom.

Excellent in pots or garden beds, provides an excellent display if plant in groups of 5 or more.

If planting in pots ensure that the soil is changed each year.

They prefer full sun to part shade.

5 Bulbs
Burgundy Lace - 5 Bulbs
 5 Bulbs
Burgundy Lace - 10 Bulbs
 10 Bulbs
Burgundy Lace - 20 Bulbs
 20 Bulbs
Burgundy Lace - 50 Bulbs
 50 Bulbs
Burgundy Lace - 100 Bulbs
 100 Bulbs

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