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Tulip Versaci

Tulip Versaci

( Tulip Versaci )

Tulip Versaci

Versaci is a beautiful dark  red tulip with frilled edges...

Like all Tulips, they are ideal for pots, tubs and the garden.

In warmer climates, put in the crisper for 6 weeks in March and plant in May.

In warmer climates after the flowers and leaves have died down remove the bulbs from the ground and store in a bulb bag in a cool spot in your shed until next year

5 Bulbs
Versaci - 5 Bulbs
 5 Bulbs
Versaci - 10 Bulbs
 10 Bulbs
Versaci - 20 Bulbs
 20 Bulbs
Versaci - 50 Bulbs
 50 Bulbs
Versaci - 100 Bulbs
 100 Bulbs

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