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Hyacinth +ndash Blue Trophy

Hyacinth – Blue Trophy

( Hyacinth – Blue Trophy )

Hyacinth – Blue Trophy

Flowers are wonderful, dark blue florets on strong stems (mid flowering).

Hyacinths can be grown in the garden, pots and even in a hyacinth glass. In areas with winter frosts, plant in early autumn.

 In warmer climates, put in the crisper for 6 weeks in March and plant in May. Plant 10cm deep and 15cm apart. Bulbs require little water until the shoot has emerged. Top dress with blood and bone after flowering.

 They will come back year after year in cooler climates, but in warmer climates they benefit from pre-chilling, so lift the bulbs and store.

 Hyacinth bulbs can give a reaction to the skin: it is advised that you don't over handle them, use gloves and wash hands after

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Blue Trophy - 5 Bulbs
 5 Bulbs
Blue Trophy - 10 Bulbs
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