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Mixed Daffodils

Mixed Daffodils

( Mixed Daffodils )

Mixed Daffodils

This is a Beautiful mix of daffodils that is sure to lift any garden during spring

Like all Daffodils, they are ideal for pots, tubs and the garden.

Leave in the ground year after year and the bulbs will multiply and create large clumps of colour.

5 Bulbs
Daffodil Mixed - 5 Bulbs
 5 Bulbs
Daffodil Mixed - 10 Bulbs
 10 Bulbs
Daffodil Mixed - 20 Bulbs
 20 Bulbs
Daffodil Mixed - 50 Bulbs
 50 Bulbs
Daffodil Mixed - 100 Bulbs
 100 Bulbs

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